2008 US Election, Ray D'Cruz

Biden wins vice presidential debate: D’Cruz

Judge: Ray D’Cruz
Winner: Biden
Scores: Biden 85 | Palin 73

Senator Joe Biden had a strong win over Governor Sarah Palin in the 2008 US vice-presidential debate.

Perhaps most telling difference in this debate was Biden’s superior matter. He was able to strengthen his arguments through a very strong command of detail. Palin struggled from time to time and resorted to generalities. On the Israel example Biden explained how the approach of the Bush Administration had strengthened Hamas and Hezbollah, while Palin could only declare broadly that she loved Israel.

Palin demonstrated knowledge about the voting records of Senators McCain, Obama and Biden. However Biden was able to counter these arguments by explaining the nuances of certain votes (for example the tax voting record of McCain and Obama) and why Palin’s assertions were not necessarily accurate.

On an issue by issue basis, Biden was came out on top. Biden was much stronger on the current economic problems and the need for change, while Palin was inconsistent: stronger regulations on one hand and small government on the other. Palin turned energy into her strongest issue, playing on her Alaskan experience. However she was unable to capture the strength of McCain’s arguments from the first debate on the surge in Iraq and could not go with Biden on the detail of other international issues.

Palin ignored moderator questions and Biden comments on several occasions, instead speaking on unrelated subjects and presenting what appeared to be pre-prepared comments. This is a question of relevance and goes to the heart of good matter.

Biden balanced his detail-oriented approach with an effective, tight structure. His responses were enumerated or listed on a number of occasions. While lists often do not constitute good debating, Biden was at his most persuasive when he listed nine key differences (as he saw it) between the two parties (on the question of what agenda both would pursue if they needed to step in as president). Structure was less important to Palin because she tended to deal in generalities and had less to say.

Both speakers were fluent throughout the debate, though Palin at times looked nervous. Palin’s personal story, emotional appeals and folksy (accessible) language was neutralised by Biden’s own person story, sincerity and warmth. Both candidates showed each other a lot of respect. Biden confined his strongest personal attacks to Bush, Cheney and McCain, while Palin confined her strongest attacks to Obama.

Some may say on the basis of low expectations that the debate helped Palin in a political sense. That of course is not relevant to an objective analysis of the debate. It was a strong win for Biden.

See Ray’s debate analysis in Australia’s leading online paper, Crikey.com


2 thoughts on “Biden wins vice presidential debate: D’Cruz

  1. Dear Lord, Ray. I haven’t watched the debate, but just by looking at the pictures I can tell Palin won.

    What marks did you give for prettiness? Did you hand out scores for small-town loveliness at all?

    Every homespun anecdote that flies from that wonderful woman’s mouth is proof that God loves us, and anyone who says otherwise is suspect in my book.

    You are clearly losing your touch.

    Posted by Bob D | October 3, 2008, 9:31 am
  2. Fantastic post Ray!

    I agree whole heartily. Biden was the more convincing person in the debate and he knocked Palin off her game more than once. She used many rehearsed lines and didn’t answer the questions often and just spoke about whatever off topic subject she wanted to talk about.

    Also, I want to point out that even though Palin wanted to talk about energy in great length, she did not give a clear plan of how to accomplish her goals of obtaining more energy.

    Finally, I am curious as to pulling out of Iraq over 16 months and letting the Iraqis take care of their government would seem like “running away while waving a white flag” . Does she really mean that eventually pulling out (and letting a separate country actually govern itself) is cowardly???

    Biden won by default, Palin came, figuratively, unarmed to the debate and was there only to insult Obama.

    Posted by Anthony | October 3, 2008, 11:02 am

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