2008 US Election, Praba Ganesan

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Ganesan

Judge: Praba Ganesan
Winner: Biden
Scores: Biden 80 | Palin 74

The winner’s main strength was his consistent support for Obama in terms of perceived contradictions between them and secondly between the campaign’s and Obama’s own senatorial voting record. By being consistent in doing so, which coupled by Palin’s inability to wedge a policy separation between the two increased the perceived unity of ideas between Obama-Bidden, and which is key in making the vice-presidential looking both solid and consistent with the presidential nominee.

The two prime nuggets of issue largely not undone by Palin, were the sub-prime induced crisis which Obama highlighted two years before the problem emerged and how the Obama-Bidden ticket was keen on regulation, to which Palin kept saying she was opposed to the ‘greed and exploitive’ behaviour but was unclear on what policies will make them less greedy and exploitive. And second, in being clear in how they are focussing on providing tax support for those under the 250,000 income bracket, which is about taking care of the middle class households.   

Palin was mainly undone by her limited understanding of McCain’s senatorial track-record and positions. This demonstrated a weakness in her own understanding of McCain’s positions on variety of issues, primarily the bail-out proposal and medical coverage. In the former, the repeated attacks on McCain’s pro-deregulation of the financial markets were not defended in any measurable way by the governor.

Palin was drawing out her main strength as a governor, but she did not extend on how those experiences can be extended to a federal level. There were positives in her looking at the windfall taxes implemented inAlaska, but she did not draw out enough of other experiences in relations to the various discussion topics, like gay marriages, foreign affairs etc.


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