2008 US Election

Election Debates verdict: Obama wins second presidential debate

Election Debates’ expert international panel has awarded the second presidential debate of the 2008 US election to Barack Obama in a 3-0 unanimous decision.

Judges Ray D’Cruz, Jason Jarvis and Bob Dalrymple gave the debate to Obama by margins of 6, 5 and 1 respectively.

Election Debates provides indepedent assessment of election debates through the application of objective rules of debate. Our analysis is free from political spin and media bias.

Read the individual comments and scores of the judges below. To learn more about how our judges assess debates, read here.

Read the debate transcript here.

What did you think about the debate?


One thought on “Election Debates verdict: Obama wins second presidential debate

  1. I fundamentally disagree with this verdict.

    Sure, Obama was structured and relatively polished but he failed at every stage to interact with McCain, the audience and even the (annoying) moderator.

    It was a case of debating by numbers, “I understand your question, here is how I want to answer point a – point b – point c”

    The only blow Obama could land on McCain surrounded a beach boys song which McCain could explain away well.

    Now McCain has a tough brief on economic issues at the moment but he had both the lines “nailing Jello to the wall” and the substance surrounding buying bad debt.

    Obamas line about McCain stripping away regulation was feeble (am I the only one who thinks that votes taken on procedural motions in the senate are not elements of persuasion ?)

    Again McCain bested Obama on foreign policy – by a distance, McCain asserts he knows what should be done in the middle east and against russia, Obama continually fumbles these issues. Neither is convincing but only McCain sounds as if he has a conviction in the first place.

    And as for this “that one” nonsense – grow up guys – its a debate. McCain was not nearly over the line on err that one.

    So for me, my friends, McCain wins this clearly on both matter and manner.



    Posted by tommyt | October 9, 2008, 9:26 am

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