2010 AU Election

Election Debates’ verdict: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott shake hands after the debate. Courtesy: ABC

Election Debates has declared Prime Minister Julia Gillard the winner of the 2010 Australian leaders’ debate.

The adjudication panel of seven awarded the debate 7-0 to Ms Gillard, though most panel members noted the closeness of the debate.

Panel members drew attention to Ms Gillard’s stronger argumentation, her more detailed explanations and use of examples. They criticised Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s overly negative case and lack of detail in argumentation.

But it was not all one way with Ms Gillard struggling on several issues and Mr Abbott occasionally demonstrating a clear, positive alternative.

As always, Election Debates applies the rules of debate to ensure an objective and unbiased assessment. No members of the panel are (or have been) members of any Australian political party.

You can read individual decisions by clicking on the links below:

Ben Richards – Winner – Gillardread more

Ray D’Cruz – Winner – Gillardread more

Sam Greenland – Winner – Gillardread more

Fenja Berglund – Winner – Gillardread more

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Wayne Jocic – Winner – Gillardread more

You can also read former World Debating Champion Greg O’Mahoney’s analysis of the debate in The Australian. O’Mahoney, also a panelist on Sky News Saturday Agenda summarised:

In overall terms, and on the criteria that a traditional debate would be won on, Gillard scraped home because she was able to stay more structured, had more detail to back up her arguments and avoided moments of uncertainty under difficult questioning.

And finally, for a more detailed summary of the panel decision see The Drum.


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