2011 IRE Election

Warming up for the Irish leaders’ debate

How times have changed! In 2007 it was a head to head tussle between Bertie Ahern (prime minister and leader of Finna Fail) and Enda Kenny (leader of Fine Gael). The Irish economy was the envy of the world and Enda Kenny had the difficult task of arguing for change with no storm clouds in sight.

In 2011 it’s a very different story. The Irish economy is suffering, and with it the people of Ireland. Micheal Martin will present the case for Finna Fail’s re-election after Bertie Ahern’s replacement Brian Cowen resigned. Eamon Gilmore will represent Labour while Enda Kenny, who presumably has a more popular case for change this time around, will be a no show.

Election Debates will be covering this debate, and posting its experts’ analysis from the conclusion to the debate.

To warm up for tonight’s debate, check out the 2007 debate.


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