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Judge profile – Nick Bibby

screen-capture-5Nick is the Speakeasy Man’s director and principal trainer. He has a background in journalism, publishing and education. He is an author in the fields of public speaking and debating and is a former Director of Debate for the London Debating Hub, Registrar of the World Universities Debating Council and Director of the Global Debating Census.

As a journalist he wrote for the Scotsman, Herald, Telegraph and Independent and was an occasional commentator on the BBC. He then worked as an academic, most recently as Guest Professor of Global Studies at Dong-A University in South Korea. He is a Fulbright Scholar and former Writer in Residence at Trent University in Ontario.

His books include the fourth edition of one of the world’s best-selling textbooks on debating and co-editor (with Stephen Llano and Sam Block) of the only book on adjudicating debate, imaginatively called Adjudication.

Although he is grounded in rhetorical and debate theory, he is passionate about the business of communicating with clarity.

He has a long list of debating and public speaking awards but remains proudest of being, improbably, acclaimed The World’s Funniest Man in 1999.


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