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Judge Profile – Mai Mokhsein

11042277_10206305634858812_670305140_nMai Mokhsein is the Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Institute for Debate and Public Speaking and was the Convenor of the Malaysia WUDC 2015.

A thought leader in Malaysian Debating, Mai has won 16 national debating competitions in her home country and convened over 12 tournaments. A tested judge, Mai has served the Asian community at over 20 adjudication teams including prominent tournaments like the Malaysia Debate Open, Singapore Debate Open, Indonesia Debate Open and Philippines Debate Open.

As a debater Mai is the only speaker to have spoken at four Asian BP finals. On top of this, she was the top speaker at the recent Singapore UADC 2014.

She was the Chief Adjudicator of the Asian Schools Debating Championship and will also be on the Adjudication Core of Bali UADC 2015, Solbridge Australs 2015 and APU Asians BP 2015


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