2012 US Election, Ian Lising

Lising: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney

Scores: Obama 78 Romney 79

Judge: Ian Lising


Math, common sense and history

Through the first exchange, Governor Romney seemed to take control by introducing direct clash in the round whereas President Obama was a bit vague and nonresponsive. This quickly changed when both candidates evaluated the Governor’s tax plan. In a way, the rhetoric was linked between the President holding the Governor to tax figures thrown around on the campaign trail and the Governor’s claim that this was a misrepresentation. Then round was derailed, as the Governor’s manner was brusque and impatient, continually talking over the moderator. Neither speaker had sufficient method, leaving a lot of issues largely ignored, withheld or misrepresented. The President had a bit more clarity and connection to his matter whereas the Governor seemed to shoehorn his examples of “real people” he met on his campaign. Time management was deplorable for both candidates.

Comparing bedpans

A critical issue was health care and the assessment of Obamacare. The Governor made a crucial error by attacking the President’s health care plan then when asked what he would replace it with he starts with, “It’s a lengthy description”, and then trails off into negative matter on Obamacare. This is indicative of the tone that the round took. The Governor did not navigate his narrative through his own case and engaged the President on the faults of the present administration.

However, the President did not make up enough ground in a clear or succinct way. There were several opportunities in the round for him to go on the offensive, but he inexplicably resisted. This was his round to lose and his passive case and surprising lack of refutation cost him the round.



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