2012 US Election

Tonner: Ryan wins Vice Presidential Debate

Winner: Paul Ryan

Scores: Ryan 83 | Biden 82

Judge: Tommy Tonner


Well I was looking forward to this one, the young turk versus the grizzled veteran, one trying to stem momentum the other trying to build on it. It did not disappoint and was a tightly matched affair.

Noting first the style of the debate with the candidates seated rather than standing I feared a timid affair, I should not have worried.

On Libya, Ryan came out swinging – his swinging attack despite Biden’s robust defence of his boss winning the day.

On Iran, difficult one to score as both tickets broadly believe in the same thing so there was little clash to speak of.

On “Obamacare” I think the guys fought this to a draw – Ryan making some good points though his assertion that Obama has pulled money from Medicare to fund it was pretty effectively rebutted

On the economy in general, Biden was forced into the old, but sometimes effective trap of saying “it was worse when you guys were in charge.

As regards manner Biden looked as if someone had lit a fire under him and gave a very spirited performance, Ryan was as smooth as a baby’s bottom – I think Biden edged this.

If I could have scored this a draw I would have but I hate when people do that. Both men gave excellent performances, but the man from Wisconsin was slightly better on the substantive and therefore wins by a very narrow margin.



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