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ITV Leaders’ Debate – who won and why?

screen-captureElection Debates’ expert panel will shortly start posting its assessment of who won the  ITV Leaders’ Debate, and why.

This seven-person debate, spread over two hours covered a broad range of subjects, from the economy, to immigration, health, education and jobs.

The one minute limit on each speaking turn kept things moving, but also denied the audience any serious analysis.

Moderator Julie Etchingham did a good job of controlling the debate, giving everyone an opportunity to speak while ensuring those who were directly attacked could reply.

Stay tuned as we post our analysis of who won and why. Following our experts posting their individual assessments of the debate, Election Debates will announce its overall verdict around 12am GMT.


One thought on “ITV Leaders’ Debate – who won and why?

  1. I found Ed Milliband completely rehearsed and false! No senserity at all. Really liked Cameron and Clegg, they made a lot of sense. I think Bennett lives in la la land.

    Posted by Clare l | April 2, 2015, 9:31 pm

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