2008 US Election

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Election Debates verdict: Obama wins first presidential debate in a 2-1 split decision

Election debates’ expert international panel has awarded the first presidential debate to Barack Obama in a split decision. Judges Ian Lising and Jason Jarvis gave the debate to Obama, while Ray D’Cruz gave the debate to McCain. All judges commented that it was a close debate. Read the individual comments and scores of the judges … Continue reading

Obama wins first presidential debate: Jarvis

Judge: Jason Jarvis Winner: Obama Scores: McCain 81 | Obama 82  Reasons: The first half of this debate was devoted, understandably to the economy. In this half of the debate Barack Obama is definitively ahead of John McCain. From a substantive standpoint Obama was more clear, specific and concise than McCain. Obama started with a … Continue reading

Obama wins first presidential debate: Lising

Judge: Ian Lising Winner: Obama Scores: McCain 78 | Obama 82 Reasons There were awkward times in the debate where both candidates would simply redirect the issues to their campaign lines even though they were clearly not responsive to the moderator’s lead question (nor even the theme that they had just been discussing seconds before they launched … Continue reading

McCain wins first presidential debate: D’Cruz

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: McCain Scores: McCain 80 | Obama 76 Reasons I gave a narrow win to McCain. Obama started very strongly (and clearly, for example, the four conditions attached to the economic rescue plan) as debate focused on the international economic crisis. But as the debate moved to more traditional foreign affairs issues such as … Continue reading