2010 AU Election

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An Australian Debates Commission? Check. Independent? TBC

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz Australian independent MP Rob Oakeshott has revealed that the Gillard Government is close to finalising the creation of a debates commission. The creation of an independent commission was part of the deal negotiated by Oakeshott and fellow independent MP Tony Windsor when they agreed to support Julia Gillard’s minority Labor Government … Continue reading

2010 Year in Review

2010 was a busy year: four debates (three UK debates and one Australian) with Election Debates’ quoted, cited and published in Australia, the UK and US. A partnership in Nigeria to run an Election Debates’ Workshop. Plus some great new judges added to our panel and more than 15,000 visitors. United Kingdom Debates There was … Continue reading

Debating the debates commission: the risk of bipartisanship

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz Labor and the independents have agreed, in writing, to form a debates commission. The details of the debates commission are yet to be set out. Hopefully this will mean the end of debates about debates – and the tedious dare and counter dare from leaders who tack like yachts looking for … Continue reading

Principles for a new approach to Australian televised leaders’ debates

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The following principles establish a new approach for Australian debates. They seek to meet the two central aims of election debates: to educate voters so that they may exercise a more informed vote; and to engage the public in the political process. Principle 1 – There should be a sufficient number of debates to … Continue reading

Debacle demonstrates need for debates commission

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The dare and counter-dare for more Australian election debates now heads into its fifth, excruciating week. As of tonight, another debate might happen, but it’s in the hands of party operatives. What a reassuring thought. If you want conclusive proof that election debates should be taken out of the hands of … Continue reading

Where’s the chicken? Playing politics with election debates

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz Prime Minister Julia Gillard is daring Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to another debate – a themed debate on the economy. The one and only debate was 10 days ago. Yet the boldness of her dare is undermined by her rejection during the last debate of Mr Abbott’s proposal for a further … Continue reading

Election Debates’ verdict: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Election Debates has declared Prime Minister Julia Gillard the winner of the 2010 Australian leaders’ debate. The adjudication panel of seven awarded the debate 7-0 to Ms Gillard, though most panel members noted the closeness of the debate. Panel members drew attention to Ms Gillard’s stronger argumentation, her more detailed explanations and use of examples. … Continue reading

Jocic: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Judge: Wayne Jocic Winner: Julia Gillard Scores: Gillard 77 | Abbott 75 Reasons: This was a cowardly debate. Both leaders were too reliant on the advice of their assistants, too reluctant to deal in facts and too shy for anything but scripted disagreement. Of the three major issues in the debate, and presumably the campaign, … Continue reading

Tonner: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Judge: Tommy Tonner Winner: Julia Gillard Scores: Gillard 80 | Abbott 74 Reasons: The introductory speeches from Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott set the tone for the debate. Neither was absolutely convincing nor inspiring. Ms Gillard was quite engaging and clear, on subjects such as plans for debt reduction, renewables and broadband. Mr Abbot was hyper-critical … Continue reading

Ganesan: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Judge: Praba Ganesan Winner: Julia Gillard Scores: Gillard 82 | Abbott 80 Reasons: The debate was won by Julia Gillard. Positing Labor as investors into the future – schools, healthcare and training — while defending immigration, benefits to counter cost of living and the removal of Kevin Rudd gave her an edge over Tony Abbott, … Continue reading