2010 AU Election

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Berglund: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Judge: Fenja Berglund Winner: Julia Gillard Scores: Gillard 77 | Abbott 75 Reasons: There is a fine line between driving home a consistent line and repeating platitudes unsubstantiated by evidence.  Although both speakers at times skated towards the latter, Julia Gillard helped herself stay on track by establishing and following a clear line of argument … Continue reading

Greenland: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Judge:  Sam Greenland Winner:  Julia Gillard Scores:  Gillard 80 | Tony Abbott 78 Reasons: Julia Gillard narrowly won this debate after a stilted start, finishing more strongly and landing a few key blows in the final exchanges.  Abbott, on the other hand, started well but was reduced by the end of the debate to reading pre-rehearsed and uninspiring … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: Julia Gillard Scores: Gillard 78 | Abbott 76 Reasons: This was a close debate, won by Julia Gillard. In the end, the only discernible difference was in the guts of the debate, where Ms Gillard slowly accumulated a matter advantage. This advantage was generated on an issue-by-issue basis. On immigration her … Continue reading

Richards: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Judge: Ben Richards Winner: Julia Gillard Scores: Gillard 79 | Tony Abbott 75 Reasons Are we so jaded with the current Government that there is a wave of nostalgia for the previous one? This appeared to be Tony Abbott’s gambit as he resolutely looked backwards; the language of attack repressed but not personable. It was … Continue reading

Coaching the Speakers in the Leaders’ Debate

Ray D’Cruz, author of the Worlds’ Rules, and Chris Croke, current Worlds’ Champion, provide some tips to Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott on The Drum. Read what they have to say. Phil Senior who has completed a PhD in televised leaders’ debates and is a former coach of the Australian Schools Debating Team has written … Continue reading

Debate Club: Australia’s sad attempt at engagement

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The National Press Club has confirmed arrangements for this Sunday’s sole leaders’ debate on their website. It will be a one-hour debate, with a panel of three journalists quizzing both leaders. Only media and political party operatives will be present at the Club. No details have been provided about the format … Continue reading

Why Labor should take the punt on three election debates

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The Liberal Party has challenged the Labor Party to three election debates between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in the upcoming Australian election. The Labor Party should agree to the proposal. The prevailing view of televised leaders’ debates is that they favour the Opposition Leader because they … Continue reading

Three debates for Australia? A political resolution beckons

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The Liberal Party of Australia has called on the Australian Labor Party to participate in three televised leaders’ debates in the upcoming election. The call highlights, yet again, the need for a genuinely independent debates commission to decide how many debates, who debates and how the debate is conducted. An independent … Continue reading

Warming up for Australia’s 2010 Election Debate

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz Tomorrow, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott face off in a “health debate” at the National Press Club. It is being billed as a debate, but it won’t be. Given the setting, it will be a question and answer session, with the Gallery’s finest pausing … Continue reading