2011 IRE Election

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Flynn: Martin wins First Irish Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Colm Flynn Winner: Micheal Martin Scores: Martin 82 | Gilmore 73 This was a debate of two halves.  The first half was surprisingly bruising and enjoyable as two of the best debaters in Irish politics went head to head.  The second half in contrast seemed very disjointed as they raced to cover all 10 … Continue reading

Warming up for the Irish leaders’ debate

How times have changed! In 2007 it was a head to head tussle between Bertie Ahern (prime minister and leader of Finna Fail) and Enda Kenny (leader of Fine Gael). The Irish economy was the envy of the world and Enda Kenny had the difficult task of arguing for change with no storm clouds in … Continue reading

Irish leaders’ debate looms while Fianna Fail ponders new leadership

Opinion by Colm Flynn It looks like the election in Ireland will be called this week. At the moment the smart money is on Feb 25th as the election date but until it’s called we won’t know for sure. There is no news on the format of any leaders debate.  There isn’t even a complete line up … Continue reading