2016 AU Election

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Turnbull and Shorten draw Australian Leaders’ Debate

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have split the Election Debates panel 1-1. In what was a very close debate, Mr Turnbull’s more fluent style was countered by Mr Shorten’s aggressive positioning. In debate parlance, it was a manner versus matter debate, with both judges split but agreeing it was a very … Continue reading

Balavijendran: Shorten wins Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Logan Balavijendran Winner: Shorten Scores: Shorten 79 | Turnbull 78 The debate was poor. At this stage of the campaign both candidates are more concerned about mistakes than wins – so safe and disciplined was the strategy on both sides. Shorten took a few more risks – probably because he has to – and … Continue reading

Jocic: Turnbull wins Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Wayne Jocic Winner: Mr Turnbull Scores: Turnbull 76 | Shorten 75 This was a close debate, mainly because both leaders lacked the confidence to answer questions directly. In this context, Mr Turnbull’s storytelling approach provided a more compelling and thus marginally better performance. Mr Turnbull appeared more comfortable as leader. His physical presence was obvious, … Continue reading