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Biden wins final presidential debate

Dr. Jason L. Jarvis, Communication Studies Department, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA (USA) Winner: Biden In a less fiery, and more Presidential engagement, Biden was more prepared on policy and more compassionate than Trump.  Biden’s call to govern the whole nation, not a country made of Red and Blue states, is a message with … Continue reading

Trump the biggest loser from cancelled debate

Ray D’Cruz, Founder, Election Debates The second presidential debate has been cancelled, and few people will be disappointed. The first debate was chaotic and lacking in substance: a neat encapsulation of four years of chaos and division. In just 90-minutes, before 75m Americans, President Trump showed why he’s temperamentally and comprehensively unfit for office. So, … Continue reading

Harris wins VP debate

Challenger advances a clearer vision for the future of America in Vice presidential debate Dr. Jason L. Jarvis, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA This was a much more orderly and clear debate than the first Presidential debate.  Pence and Harris acted like adults, allowing for more direct clash on substantive issues.  Kamala Harris won … Continue reading

Why the debate worked: bearing witness to the madness of 45

Ray D’Cruz, Founder, Election Debates Despite all that’s being said and written about the First Presidential Debate, it may not have been a waste of time. Tuesday’s debate succeeded in laying bare before 75m Americans that character is on the ballot, as Joe Biden frequently says. The purpose of Election Debates is to inform voters, … Continue reading

Trump trashes First Presidential Debate

This was not a debate Ian Lising, Assistant Professor, Speech Communication, University of LaVerne Rene Magritte’s Treachery of Images challenged people with a meta message to see things from a new perspective. I just wish that the perspective that we all had for the Travesty of Words we were just tormented with tonight was the view from another room. … Continue reading