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Election Debates’ verdict: Clegg wins third UK leaders’ debate

Election Debates’ seven-member adjudication panel has give the third UK leaders’ debate to Nick Clegg in a split decision. Three judges gave the debate to Nick Clegg, two to David Cameron and two to Gordon Brown. There was less division about the loser – five judges had Brown last. View the debate here (courtesy of … Continue reading

Hume: Cameron wins third UK leaders’ debate

Judge: Andy Hume Winner: David Cameron Scores: Cameron  79 | Clegg  77 | Brown 74 This was a debate characterised by a great deal of negativity and criticisms of other parties’ policies; when it came to defending and supporting their own arguments and plans, the leaders seemed less sure-footed. David Cameron put in his best … Continue reading

Hume: Clegg wins first UK leaders’ debate

Judge: Andy Hume Winner: Nick Clegg Scores: Clegg 80 | Brown 77 | Cameron 75 This was quite a close debate, which was in my view won by the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Clegg. Clegg exploited his advantage as leader of the third party quite skilfully, displaying an informal and persuasive speaking style and breaking the fourth wall … Continue reading

Brown, Cameron & Clegg: expectations and goals for the televised debates

Opinion by Andy Hume One of the strengths of the coverage at Election Debates is that these debates will be adjudicated by experienced judges from other countries, not just the UK, with few if any preconceived opinions of the men they are listening to. The domestic media narrative, by contrast, will be shaped to a … Continue reading

Election date set as leaders prepare for historic debates

Opinion by Andy Hume This year’s UK General Election will be the first to feature televised debates between the leaders of the three main parties Election Debates will be covering all three debates, which are slated for Thursday 15th, 22nd and 29th April 2010, and inviting a range of experienced adjudicators from across the political … Continue reading

Election Debates’ experts on the UK debate rules

We asked Election Debate experts for some brief observations about the 76-point plan for UK leader debates, agreed by parties and producers earlier this week. Read the 76-point programme format here. Tommy Tonner: This is a ridiculous format which tries badly to import a presidential style debate into a parliamentary system. Two main objections, the … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Hume

Judge: Andy Hume Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 80 | Palin 73 Reasons: In my view a clear win for Biden, who was the stronger of the two speakers on most criteria.  The early stages of the debate were reasonably even but as the focus shifted to foreign policy Biden began to pull ahead. His advantage … Continue reading