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Election Debates’ experts on the UK debate rules

We asked Election Debate experts for some brief observations about the 76-point plan for UK leader debates, agreed by parties and producers earlier this week. Read the 76-point programme format here. Tommy Tonner: This is a ridiculous format which tries badly to import a presidential style debate into a parliamentary system. Two main objections, the … Continue reading

McCain wins third presidential debate: Dalrymple

Judge: Bob Dalrymple Winner: McCain Scores: McCain 81 | Obama 76 Reasons: Senator John McCain of Arizona scored a clear win against Senator Barack Obama of Illinois in the third and final debate of the 2008 presidential election.  He accomplished this by being the sharper and more aggressive competitor, while his opponent sought largely to … Continue reading

Obama wins second presidential debate: Dalrymple

Judge: Bob Dalrymple Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 79 | McCain 78 Reasons: Senator Barack Obama scored a narrow win in the second presidential debate. McCain lost the economy section because of apparent contradictions in his case.  He proposed ending the “spending spree” in Washington and with almost his next breath proposed a wholesale buy-up of … Continue reading