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Jarvis: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Obama 76 | Romney 78 Judge: Jason Jarvis Reasons: I give this debate to Mitt Romney because he was superior in manner (style) and matter (substance).  While I am not sure that this debate was a “game changer” for Mitt Romney, he certainly exceeded expectations and held his own on the substantive … Continue reading

Jarvis: Brown wins second UK leaders’ debate

Judge: Jason Jarvis Winner: Gordon Brown Scores: Brown 84 | Clegg 80 | Cameron 79 This was an interesting debate, with a few lively exchanges generating clear differences and interesting agreements between candidates.  Gordon Brown was a clear winner in this debate with Nick Clegg coming in second and David Cameron registering a close third.  … Continue reading

Obama wins third presidential debate: Jarvis

Judge: Jason Jarvis Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 80 | McCain 73 Reasons: Obama wins this debate in a clear decision for two reasons.  First, his style was vastly superior to that of John McCain.  Second, he was more coherent in presenting detailed policy answers to the questions posed by the moderator.  This was the most … Continue reading

Obama wins second presidential debate: Jarvis

Judge: Jason Jarvis Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 81 | McCain 76 Reasons: This debate avoided a large amount of the mudslinging that has taken place in the previous week but it did feature more sparks than the first debate.  Obama won this debate for two reasons: a superior speaking style, and a better overall message … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Jarvis

Judge: Jason Jarvis Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 83 | Palin 78 Reasons: There are two key criteria to evaluate in assessing the winner of this debate.  The first issue is related to style and the second is related to content.  Prior to addressing these two areas, it should be noted that expectations for Sarah Palin … Continue reading

Obama wins first presidential debate: Jarvis

Judge: Jason Jarvis Winner: Obama Scores: McCain 81 | Obama 82  Reasons: The first half of this debate was devoted, understandably to the economy. In this half of the debate Barack Obama is definitively ahead of John McCain. From a substantive standpoint Obama was more clear, specific and concise than McCain. Obama started with a … Continue reading