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Bibby: Clinton wins Second Presidential Debate

Winner: Hillary Clinton Judge: Nick Bibby It is very hard to argue with someone who simply lies – and harder still to do so with someone who believes the lies. It’s an axiom of debate that both sides need the same standards of truth for any debate to even take place. Tonight’s debate demonstrates why … Continue reading

Bibby: Clinton wins First US Presidential Debate

Stay tuned, as more of our panel post decisions in the coming hour…  Judge: Nick Bibby Winner: Hillary Clinton By all sorts of standards, Hilary Clinton won this debate and won it easily. She was stronger on content and more polished in demeanour – matter and manner, an easy win. Trump should never have allowed … Continue reading

Election Debates’ Verdict: Sturgeon wins BBC Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Nick Bibby Winner: Nicola Sturgeon Second: Ed Miliband Last: Nigel Farage This was a dramatically different debate from the first one; a concerted attack on the Conservative record. This was an opportunity for the Leader of the Opposition to, well, lead the opposition. Ed Miliband (Lab) spoke as someone who would like to lead … Continue reading

Sturgeon wins ITV Leaders’ Debate: Bibby

Nick Bibby, author of Adjudication, analyses the debate. Winner: Nicola Sturgeon  Second: David Cameron Last: Nigel Farage The dynamics of this debate were different from what either the audience or some of the speakers were used to. That was a large factor in the decision with the ability to be persuasive on the basis of a … Continue reading

Judge profile – Nick Bibby

Nick is the Speakeasy Man’s director and principal trainer. He has a background in journalism, publishing and education. He is an author in the fields of public speaking and debating and is a former Director of Debate for the London Debating Hub, Registrar of the World Universities Debating Council and Director of the Global Debating Census. As a journalist … Continue reading