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D’Cruz: Pence wins VP debate

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: Mike Pence Republican Governor Mike Pence won tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate. His opponent, Senator Tim Kaine, was too negative and hectoring. He lost sight of the critical balance between positive and negative argumentation. While Governor Pence lacked detail throughout, and at times chose not to engage, he was calmer, clearer and … Continue reading

Llano: Kaine wins VP debate

Judge: Stephen Llano Winner: Tim Kaine Tim Kaine won this debate in spite of himself. Kaine saw tonight as a moment to make the case against Donald Trump instead of the case for Hillary Clinton. He was on his way to losing this debate. Mike Pence had a great chance to show the vision and … Continue reading

Previewing the Kaine-Pence VEEP debate

Ray D’Cruz Today’s VEEP debate, with Governor Tim Kaine (Democrat) and Governor Mike Pence (Republican), will offer fewer spills and thrills than the presidential debate. While the characters in this debate are less polarising, it still holds intrigue. How will both men seek to utilise and defend their record as Governors – and to what extent … Continue reading

Jarvis: Clinton wins First US Presidential Debate

Judge: Dr Jason Jarvis Winner: Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton won this debate for two primary reasons.  First, and most importantly, she was the most Presidential of the two candidates.  In both style and substance Hillary proved a seasoned veteran who understand the visual politics at the heart of effective Presidential rhetoric.  Second, Hillary outlasted Donald.  … Continue reading

Jocic: Clinton wins First US Presidential Debate

Judge: Wayne Jocic Winner: Hillary Clinton On any conventional debating analysis, Secretary Clinton won the first 2016 Presidential debate. She won by a large margin. She won on every aspect of the debate: the substantive issues, her tactics and her delivery. Her fastidious preparation was vital to this. She had mastered the issues and had helpful … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Clinton wins First US Presidential Debate

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton won this debate, easily. She won on substance, and her advantage was built steadily from the start. As each argument progressed, Mr Trump was unable or unwilling to respond to key arguments on too many occasions. Too many of Mrs Clinton’s arguments were left unharmed by the … Continue reading

Bibby: Clinton wins First US Presidential Debate

Stay tuned, as more of our panel post decisions in the coming hour…  Judge: Nick Bibby Winner: Hillary Clinton By all sorts of standards, Hilary Clinton won this debate and won it easily. She was stronger on content and more polished in demeanour – matter and manner, an easy win. Trump should never have allowed … Continue reading

What to Expect from the U.S. Presidential “Debate”

Opinion by Professor Ian T. Lising The circus is coming to Hofstra University on Monday. The first Presidential Debate between Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Nominee Donald Trump will hit the stage in Hempstead, New York. As much as I have been extremely critical of presidential debates in the United States over the last few … Continue reading

Three things that Donald Trump should do in the First Presidential Debate

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz Yesterday we published a piece on the three things Hillary Clinton should do in the first presidential debate. That was a relatively easy piece to write. Not because her task is easy, but because her approach to debates is more conventional. The Clinton-Sanders Democratic primary debates had substantive points of difference … Continue reading

Three things that Hillary Clinton should do in the First Presidential Debate

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The first debate will be tough for Hillary Clinton. The starting point is a perception that her opponent Donald Trump will implode under pressure. He won’t. His experience of the highly stylized and scripted television production that US presidential debates have become will ensure a decent showing. And he’ll be lauded … Continue reading