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Sturgeon wins ITV Leaders’ Debate: Mokhsein

Mai Mokhsein, Convenor of the 2015 World Universities Debating Championship, analyses the debate. Winner: Nicola Sturgeon  Second: Ed Milliband  Last: Nigel Farage  Nicola Sturgeon was the winner of the seven-way debate with the tight combo of Ed Miliband and David Cameron behind her. She was the most engaging, relevant and persuasive speaker in the pack due to her sustained … Continue reading

Sturgeon wins ITV Leaders’ Debate: Bibby

Nick Bibby, author of Adjudication, analyses the debate. Winner: Nicola Sturgeon  Second: David Cameron Last: Nigel Farage The dynamics of this debate were different from what either the audience or some of the speakers were used to. That was a large factor in the decision with the ability to be persuasive on the basis of a … Continue reading

Sturgeon wins ITV Leaders’ Debate: Flynn

Colm Flynn, former Chair of the World Universities Debating Council, anaylses the debate.  Winner: Nicola Sturgeon Second: David Cameron Last: Natalie Bennett Looking at the debate as a whole Nicola Sturgeon was a clear winner. In the first half she stood out with clear arguments and good style. She was also the strongest in the open … Continue reading

Can Miliband rise above the fray?

Follow Election Debates’ rolling coverage of Thursday’s ITV Leaders’ Debate here, and on Twitter @electiondebates Opinion by Andy Hume When Ed Miliband takes to the stage to debate David Cameron on Thursday night, he’ll have plenty of backup. Not just the five aides that each leader has been allowed to bring to the first televised debate proper … Continue reading

Cameron’s big chance

Follow Election Debates’ rolling coverage of Thursday’s ITV Leaders’ Debate here, and on Twitter @electiondebates Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The odds appear stacked against Prime Minister David Cameron for Thursday’s seven-way televised leaders’ debate. One incumbent versus six challengers sounds ugly. The likely dynamic will be five leaders falling over themselves to attack and goad the … Continue reading

Analysing the tactics of the Second Leaders’ Debate

Ray D’Cruz For the first feisty 20 minutes of the Second Leaders’ Debate, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd dominated the conversation. On two of the first three questions  he doggedly pursued Opposition Leader Tony Abbott with a series of follow up comments and challenges. He delved on service cuts and the paid parent scheme and Mr … Continue reading

Berglund: Rudd wins Australian Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Fenja Berglund            Winner: Kevin Rudd Scores: Rudd 73 | Abbott 72 Reasons Prime Minister Rudd narrowly won an uninspiring and substance-light debate.  Although at times Mr Abbott was a more engaging speaker, Rudd provided genuine answers to more of the questions he was asked, introduced more substantive facts to back his claims and had … Continue reading

Jocic: Rudd wins Australian Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Wayne Jocic Winner: Kevin Rudd Scores:  Rudd 78 |  Abbott 75 Reasons In a debate of reasonable quality, Rudd recovered from a bungled opening speech to gain, issue by issue, a clear advantage over Abbott. The central concerns of the debate were economic. Here, Rudd built a small advantage, helped mainly by Abbott’s evasiveness … Continue reading

Greenland: Rudd wins Australian Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Sam Greenland Winner: Kevin Rudd Score: Rudd 75 | Abbott 71 Reasons Kevin Rudd (KR) won a largely disappointing debate through much better use of evidence and examples to back up his arguments and to provide rebuttal. Tony Abbott (TA) lost credibility at key points in the debate by refusing to provide evidence for … Continue reading

Election Debates’ Verdict: Obama wins Third Presidential Debate

Election Debates has declared Barack Obama the winner of the Third Presidential Debate. [Watch the debate] Though the panel was split on the winner, all judges agreed it was a close debate – and for substantially the same reasons. The main reason for the tightness of this debate was a lack of real debate. From … Continue reading