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Ganesan: Clinton wins Second Presidential Debate

Winner: Hillary Clinton Judge: Praba Ganesan Not the gold standard of Presidential debates and neither hit any high notes, even for showmanship, but Clinton easily edged Trump by being far more substantial in her policy explanations-rationale and with a shade better willingness to engage. The one positive was that the “sex” contentions were over in … Continue reading

Ganesan: Gillard wins Australian leaders’ debate

Judge: Praba Ganesan Winner: Julia Gillard Scores: Gillard 82 | Abbott 80 Reasons: The debate was won by Julia Gillard. Positing Labor as investors into the future – schools, healthcare and training — while defending immigration, benefits to counter cost of living and the removal of Kevin Rudd gave her an edge over Tony Abbott, … Continue reading

Election Debates’ verdict: no clear winner, but a clear loser in the first UK leaders’ debate

Six Election Debate experts split the first UK leaders’ debate of the 2010 General Election 3-3 to Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg. No one gave the debate to David Cameron. While there was no clear winner, there was a clear loser with four of the six judges identifying Cameron as the wooden spooner. Watch the … Continue reading

Ganesan: Brown wins first UK leaders’ debate

Judge: Praba Ganesan Winner: Gordon Brown Scores: Brown 85| Cameron 78 | Clegg 82 Brown wins the debate by winning three issues, and remaining close in three others, while sustaining a consistent thematic line which allowed his positions to have better thrust and persuasion in the debate. Clegg who came second had strong issues grasp … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Ganesan

Judge: Praba Ganesan Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 80 | Palin 74 Reasons The winner’s main strength was his consistent support for Obama in terms of perceived contradictions between them and secondly between the campaign’s and Obama’s own senatorial voting record. By being consistent in doing so, which coupled by Palin’s inability to wedge a policy … Continue reading