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Election Debates’ Verdict: Obama wins Third Presidential Debate

Election Debates has declared Barack Obama the winner of the Third Presidential Debate. [Watch the debate] Though the panel was split on the winner, all judges agreed it was a close debate – and for substantially the same reasons. The main reason for the tightness of this debate was a lack of real debate. From … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Obama wins Third Presidential Debate

Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 77 | Romney 75 Judge: Ray D’Cruz Reasons: President Obama won this debate because he was able to challenge Governor Romney’s changing positions on key issues. He undermined Romney’s strategy of neutralising as many difficult issues as possible, though his clumsy manner as he swung wildly at Romney early in the … Continue reading

An Australian Debates Commission? Check. Independent? TBC

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz Australian independent MP Rob Oakeshott has revealed that the Gillard Government is close to finalising the creation of a debates commission. The creation of an independent commission was part of the deal negotiated by Oakeshott and fellow independent MP Tony Windsor when they agreed to support Julia Gillard’s minority Labor Government … Continue reading

Election Debates’ Verdict: Obama wins Second Presidential Debate

Election Debates has declared President Barack Obama the winner of the Second Presidential Debate. [Watch the debate] In what was a robust exchange in a town hall format, both speakers went on the offensive. Governor Romney largely continued the themes of the first debate, while Obama was more succinct and aggressive this time around. On … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Obama wins Second Presidential Debate

Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 79 | Romney 75 Judge: Ray D’Cruz Reasons: This was a relatively close debate with both speakers facing off in a robust exchange. There was little to choose from the speakers in terms of style with both choosing an overtly aggressive manner and offering little variation. The format contributed to the … Continue reading

Where to from here for the Presidents’ debate strategy?

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz There was something about President Barack Obama in the first presidential debate against Governor Romney that reminded me of his third presidential debate against Senator John McCain. In my adjudication on the 2008 debate (admittedly a dissenting one) I commented: “Obama’s calmness bordered on indifference. Obama’s manner seemed to suggest he’d had … Continue reading

Election Debates’ Verdict: Biden wins the Vice Presidential Debate

Election Debates declares Joe Biden the winner of an engaging and compelling Vice Presidential Debate.  [Watch the debate] Biden, like Mitt Romney in last week’s debate, took control of the debate. While his overtly aggressive manner may have thrilled some and alienated others, it was ultimately his superior matter that won the night. The panel … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Biden wins Vice Presidential Debate

Winner: Joe Biden Scores: Biden 80 | Ryan 75 Judge: Ray D’Cruz Reasons: Joe Biden won the vice presidential debate because Paul Ryan, when pressed on detail, struggled. Repeatedly, as individual arguments progressed, Ryan’s positions were brought undone. While ordinarily that would make it a big win for Biden, Ryan’s overall messages were more compelling … Continue reading

In defence of Jim Lehrer

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz In the past 24 hours, PBS journalist Jim Lehrer has been savaged for his role as moderator in the First Presidential Debate. This is unfair. Lehrer should be applauded for allowing a real debate to unfold. Televised Leaders’ Debates should not be the tightly scripted affairs they’ve become. We’ve become used to … Continue reading

Better get used to silent audiences if you want to beat Obama

Ray D’Cruz Republican hopeful Newt Gingrich honed a key message since the South Carolina debates: only he can beat Obama in the presidential debates. Until last night’s debate, the message worked well. It combined one of Gingrich’s perceived strengths (debating) with the issue that matters most to Republicans (beating Obama). But the case for his superior … Continue reading