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Republican debates fail to find the real issues

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The Republican primary debates have been a disappointment to any serious observer. With a few exceptions, they have consistently failed to debate the issues that might allow an intellectually curious  Republican voter to discern the best challenger for President Barack Obama. How is this possible? There have been 15 debates since … Continue reading

Goff wins Third NZ Leaders’ Debate

Winner: Phil Goff Scores: Goff 81 | Key 79 Judge: Ray D’Cruz The third and final debate of the 2011 NZ election saw opposition leader Phil Goff (Labour) edge prime minister John Key (National). Mr Goff won some critical arguments in the heart of the debate, and used the tactic of direct questioning to his … Continue reading

Goff wins Second NZ Leaders’ Debate

Winner: Phil Goff Scores: Goff 79 | Key 76 Judge: Ray D’Cruz Opposition Leader Phil Goff (Labour) won the Second NZ Leaders’ Debate of the 2011 election by gaining an advantage over Prime Minister, John Key (National) in several important arguments. (View it here) This debate was very different debate to the first one, with fewer issues … Continue reading

Key wins First NZ Leaders’ Debate

Winner: John Key Scores: Key 79 | Goff 77 Judge: Ray D’Cruz New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (National) edged opposition leader Phil Goff (Labour) in the First Leaders’ Debate. He won for two reasons: first, he was more consistent; and second, Mr Goff failed to show that New Zealand needs a change of direction. … Continue reading

Election Debates’ Verdict: Harper wins Canadian Leaders’ Debate

Winner: Stephen Harper Scores: Harper 80 | Ignatieff 77 | Layton 73 | Duceppe 70 Judge: Ray D’Cruz Three years, it seems, is not a long time in Canadian politics. The three returning speakers picked where they left off: Stephen Harper (Conservative) used every opportunity to talk about the economy, Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Quebecois) steered … Continue reading

Telling stories and asking questions: lessons from Ireland’s RTE debate

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz Questions feature in every debate, and usually the main point of interest is who gets to ask them.  The questioner ranges from moderator to media panel to live audience to virtual audience – or a combination of these in a single debate. The recent set of English-language Irish debates featured two … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Kenny wins Second Irish Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: Enda Kenny Scores: Kenny 80 | Gilmore 77 | Martin 75 | Adams 73 | Gormley 73 Enda Kenny won the Second Irish Leaders’ debate. He consistently got the balance right in this heady five-way discussion. Mr Kenny did well from the outset, his first response providing something of a vision … Continue reading

The perils of five-way debates: what Irish leaders can learn from the Canadian experience

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz In a little under 24 hours, five Irish leaders will debate in the second Leaders’ Debate of the 2011 Irish election. The first debate had just two leaders: Micheal Martin (Fianna Fail) and Eamon Gilmore (Labour). This was for the major party leaders – with the notable absentee being Enda Kenny … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Martin wins First Irish Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: Micheal Martin Scores: Martin 80 | Gilmore 78 Micheal Martin made more of less. Eamon Gilmore made less of more. On the substance of the debate, the economy, it was a narrow win to Mr Martin (Fianna Fail). His strong attack on Labour undermined only by a lack of vision and … Continue reading

Debating the debates commission: the risk of bipartisanship

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz Labor and the independents have agreed, in writing, to form a debates commission. The details of the debates commission are yet to be set out. Hopefully this will mean the end of debates about debates – and the tedious dare and counter dare from leaders who tack like yachts looking for … Continue reading