Election Debates provides comments and analysis for a range of media. Our site is also linked by media sites and bloggers.

We cover all English language televised leaders’ debates.

You can contact Election Debates for:

  • Pre-debate analysis
  • Post-debate commentary and analysis
  • Opinion and analysis about debate formats and styles
  • Facilitated discussion and training in relation to election debates

With Election Debates’ commentary you will gain a strong understanding of the structure and content debates, as well as speaker presentation issues.

Our analysis focuses on how well leaders develop their overall themes and arguments and provides important balance to the traditional style of media analysis.

Since our inception, Election Debates has been quoted or referenced in a range of media including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Spectator, The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Commission) and Crikey.

Our work has also been archived by the British Library as part of its 2010 UK election repository.

Media can contact us at or by submitting the form below.


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