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Election Debates’ verdict: Gilmore wins fourth Irish leaders’ debate

Election Debates has awarded the fourth and final Irish leaders’ debate to Eamon Gilmore (Labour). The debate featured the three major party leaders: Micheal Martin (Fianna Fáil), Enda Kenny (Fine Gael) and Mr Gilmore. The debate was hosted by Miriam O’Callaghan of RTÉ’s Prime Time. Colm Flynn, former chair of the World Universities Debating Championship, said “…in terms … Continue reading

Flynn: Gilmore wins fourth Irish leaders’ debate

Judge: Colm Flynn Winner: Eamon Gilmore Scores: Gilmore 82 | Kenny 81 | Martin 76 This was the long awaited three-way debate between Enda Kenny (FG), Michael Martin (FF) and Eamon Gilmore (Labour). After some fairly bland opening statements the debate moved into a number of sections. Economy:  At times this felt like it was going … Continue reading

Irish language Leaders’ Debate

Enda Kenny (Fine Gael), Eamon Gilmore (Labour) and Micheal Martin (Fianna Fail) have conducted an election debate in the Irish language. It was the first debate involving the leaders of the three major parties. Watch it here (with subtitles) courtesy of TG4.

Flynn: Kenny wins Second Irish Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Colm Flynn Winner: Enda Kenny Scores: Kenny 75 | Martin 73 | Gormley 72 | Gilmore 71 | Adams 69 To me the format was a problem.  The questions at times were not clearly thought out and the result was that the moderator Pat Kenny had to guide the debate more than I would have … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Kenny wins Second Irish Leaders’ Debate

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: Enda Kenny Scores: Kenny 80 | Gilmore 77 | Martin 75 | Adams 73 | Gormley 73 Enda Kenny won the Second Irish Leaders’ debate. He consistently got the balance right in this heady five-way discussion. Mr Kenny did well from the outset, his first response providing something of a vision … Continue reading

The perils of five-way debates: what Irish leaders can learn from the Canadian experience

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz In a little under 24 hours, five Irish leaders will debate in the second Leaders’ Debate of the 2011 Irish election. The first debate had just two leaders: Micheal Martin (Fianna Fail) and Eamon Gilmore (Labour). This was for the major party leaders – with the notable absentee being Enda Kenny … Continue reading

Warming up for the Irish leaders’ debate

How times have changed! In 2007 it was a head to head tussle between Bertie Ahern (prime minister and leader of Finna Fail) and Enda Kenny (leader of Fine Gael). The Irish economy was the envy of the world and Enda Kenny had the difficult task of arguing for change with no storm clouds in … Continue reading

Irish leaders’ debate looms while Fianna Fail ponders new leadership

Opinion by Colm Flynn It looks like the election in Ireland will be called this week. At the moment the smart money is on Feb 25th as the election date but until it’s called we won’t know for sure. There is no news on the format of any leaders debate.  There isn’t even a complete line up … Continue reading