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2010 Year in Review

2010 was a busy year: four debates (three UK debates and one Australian) with Election Debates’ quoted, cited and published in Australia, the UK and US. A partnership in Nigeria to run an Election Debates’ Workshop. Plus some great new judges added to our panel and more than 15,000 visitors. United Kingdom Debates There was … Continue reading

Did it really matter, in the end? The UK election debate wrap

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The dust has settled on both the 2010 UK election and the first series of televised leaders’ debates, begging some questions: Were the debates worthwhile? Did they matter, in the end? What should be done differently next time? Are there lessons for other countries? Were the debates worthwhile? Undeniably, yes. In … Continue reading

UK election debate epilogue

Opinion by Neill Harvey-Smith By the end of April, the Liberal Democrats had broken through to a consistent 30% in opinion polls on the back of the third impressive performance by their leader, Nick Clegg. The Guardian published an interview on Friday April 30th in which he claimed the election was a “two-horse race” between his party … Continue reading

Coaching the speakers: strategies for the second UK leaders’ debate

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz We learnt a lot from the first leaders’ debate: Gordon Brown is pretty good at avoiding discussions about the past. David Cameron either doesn’t like arguing or still doesn’t know why he should be PM. Nick Clegg likes to rise above it all. None of the speakers really want to debate, … Continue reading

Brown, Cameron & Clegg: expectations and goals for the televised debates

Opinion by Andy Hume One of the strengths of the coverage at Election Debates is that these debates will be adjudicated by experienced judges from other countries, not just the UK, with few if any preconceived opinions of the men they are listening to. The domestic media narrative, by contrast, will be shaped to a … Continue reading

Designing Britain’s leaders’ debate

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz Britain will have three leaders’ debates, plus a host of other election debates for the 2010 general election. The deal was struck between party and television station representatives. In anticipation of Britain moving into the televised election debate area, Election Debates has previously commented that the governance of such debates should … Continue reading