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Lising: Biden wins Vice Presidential Debate

Winner: Joe Biden Scores: Biden 80 | Ryan 77 Judge: Ian Lising Reasons: Bluster and Loose Talk The Vice President and Congressman came out swinging. Ironically, the person who was getting in the way of the round was the moderator. At the start, there were several moments of possible clash that she interrupted, diffused, or … Continue reading

Election Debates’ Verdict: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

The Election Debates’ panel has declared Mitt Romney the winner of the First Presidential Debate. The panel was split 5-1 in favour of the Republican challenger. Both speakers provided a clear contrast in the first of their three debates: Romney punchy, Obama meandering; Romney aggressive, Obama passive; Romney confident, Obama ponderous. In the end it … Continue reading

Lising: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Obama 78 Romney 79 Judge: Ian Lising Reasons: Math, common sense and history Through the first exchange, Governor Romney seemed to take control by introducing direct clash in the round whereas President Obama was a bit vague and nonresponsive. This quickly changed when both candidates evaluated the Governor’s tax plan. In a way, the … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Lising

Judge: Ian Lising Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 82 | Palin 75 Reasons: This debate was almost a non-starter for me when Governor Palin a few minutes in said ‘And I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I’m going to talk straight to the American people and … Continue reading

Obama wins first presidential debate: Lising

Judge: Ian Lising Winner: Obama Scores: McCain 78 | Obama 82 Reasons There were awkward times in the debate where both candidates would simply redirect the issues to their campaign lines even though they were clearly not responsive to the moderator’s lead question (nor even the theme that they had just been discussing seconds before they launched … Continue reading

Judge Profile — Professor Ian T. Lising

Location: United States of America. Ian is the co-author of the World University Debating Championships Adjudication Guide and Member Emeritus of the World Universities Debating Council. He was the co-Founder, Chair and Coach of the Ateneo Debate Society (Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines). Since 1999, Ian continues to serve as the Director of Forensics and … Continue reading