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Election Debates verdict: Biden wins vice presidential debate in a 6-1 split decision

Election Debates’ expert international panel has awarded the vice presidential debate to Joe Biden in a 6-1 split decision. Judges Jason Jarvis, Ray D’Cruz, Andy Hume, Ian Lising, Praba Ganesan and Neill Harvey-Smith gave the debate to Biden, while Tommy Tonner gave the debate to Palin. Judges were divided in their assessment of the closeness of … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Harvey-Smith

Judge: Neill Harvey-Smith Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 84 | Palin 72 Reasons: Inauthentic is the word that sums up Sarah Palin’s performance in the VP debate. At the start and towards the end of the debate, Palin tried to paint herself as an ordinary American, talking about the need for families to take personal responsibility … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Hume

Judge: Andy Hume Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 80 | Palin 73 Reasons: In my view a clear win for Biden, who was the stronger of the two speakers on most criteria.  The early stages of the debate were reasonably even but as the focus shifted to foreign policy Biden began to pull ahead. His advantage … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Lising

Judge: Ian Lising Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 82 | Palin 75 Reasons: This debate was almost a non-starter for me when Governor Palin a few minutes in said ‘And I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I’m going to talk straight to the American people and … Continue reading

Palin wins vice presidential debate: Tonner

Judge: Tommy Tonner Winner: Palin Scores: Palin 78 | Biden 77  Reasons: It is a tricky debate to judge when one party has a better (or at least wider) grasp of the issues at hand but has presentational difficulties whereas the less knowledgable party presents their more limited case in an effective manner. Biden’s strength lay in his ability … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Ganesan

Judge: Praba Ganesan Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 80 | Palin 74 Reasons The winner’s main strength was his consistent support for Obama in terms of perceived contradictions between them and secondly between the campaign’s and Obama’s own senatorial voting record. By being consistent in doing so, which coupled by Palin’s inability to wedge a policy … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: D’Cruz

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 85 | Palin 73 Reasons: Senator Joe Biden had a strong win over Governor Sarah Palin in the 2008 US vice-presidential debate. Perhaps most telling difference in this debate was Biden’s superior matter. He was able to strengthen his arguments through a very strong command of detail. Palin … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Jarvis

Judge: Jason Jarvis Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 83 | Palin 78 Reasons: There are two key criteria to evaluate in assessing the winner of this debate.  The first issue is related to style and the second is related to content.  Prior to addressing these two areas, it should be noted that expectations for Sarah Palin … Continue reading