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Election Debates’ Verdict: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

The Election Debates’ panel has declared Mitt Romney the winner of the First Presidential Debate. The panel was split 5-1 in favour of the Republican challenger. Both speakers provided a clear contrast in the first of their three debates: Romney punchy, Obama meandering; Romney aggressive, Obama passive; Romney confident, Obama ponderous. In the end it … Continue reading

Harvey-Smith: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Obama 72 | Romney 81 Judge: Neill Harvey-Smith Reasons: A clear win. Mitt Romney grew in confidence and succeeded in putting across a moderate, bi-partisan image. Overall, Romney made clearer contrasts, conveyed greater passion and used better examples and metaphors to shine light into the bog of numbers. Barack Obama explained, … Continue reading

2010 Year in Review

2010 was a busy year: four debates (three UK debates and one Australian) with Election Debates’ quoted, cited and published in Australia, the UK and US. A partnership in Nigeria to run an Election Debates’ Workshop. Plus some great new judges added to our panel and more than 15,000 visitors. United Kingdom Debates There was … Continue reading

UK election debate epilogue

Opinion by Neill Harvey-Smith By the end of April, the Liberal Democrats had broken through to a consistent 30% in opinion polls on the back of the third impressive performance by their leader, Nick Clegg. The Guardian published an interview on Friday April 30th in which he claimed the election was a “two-horse race” between his party … Continue reading

Biden wins vice presidential debate: Harvey-Smith

Judge: Neill Harvey-Smith Winner: Biden Scores: Biden 84 | Palin 72 Reasons: Inauthentic is the word that sums up Sarah Palin’s performance in the VP debate. At the start and towards the end of the debate, Palin tried to paint herself as an ordinary American, talking about the need for families to take personal responsibility … Continue reading

Judge Profile – Neill Harvey-Smith

Neill Harvey-Smith is a communication coach for Garnett & Simpson, working with clients in business, financial services, politics, law and public life. As a debater, he was twice the national champion, a World Championship finalist and a Worlds Masters winner. He judged 5 World Championship finals, and served as Chief or Deputy Chief Adjudicator for … Continue reading