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Election Debates’ verdict: Clinton wins Third Presidential Debate

“Lopsided” was how Election Debates’ judge  Ian Lising described the Third Presidential Debate. By any measure this was a comprehensive win for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and a very poor night for her Republican opponent Donald Trump. On the substance of the debate there were few issues where Mr Trump challenged Secretary Clinton. Time and time again, … Continue reading

Election Debates’ Verdict: Obama wins Second Presidential Debate

Election Debates has declared President Barack Obama the winner of the Second Presidential Debate. [Watch the debate] In what was a robust exchange in a town hall format, both speakers went on the offensive. Governor Romney largely continued the themes of the first debate, while Obama was more succinct and aggressive this time around. On … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Obama wins Second Presidential Debate

Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 79 | Romney 75 Judge: Ray D’Cruz Reasons: This was a relatively close debate with both speakers facing off in a robust exchange. There was little to choose from the speakers in terms of style with both choosing an overtly aggressive manner and offering little variation. The format contributed to the … Continue reading

Hume: Obama wins Second Presidential Debate

Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 84 | Romney 79 Judge: Andy Hume Reasons: Barack Obama came through a lively and at times bruising debate with Mitt Romney and emerged as a clear winner, due not just to his own strengths but also his opponent’s errors. The President was on the offensive from the earliest moments of … Continue reading