Second Leaders’ Debate

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Analysing the tactics of the Second Leaders’ Debate

Ray D’Cruz For the first feisty 20 minutes of the Second Leaders’ Debate, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd dominated the conversation. On two of the first three questions  he doggedly pursued Opposition Leader Tony Abbott with a series of follow up comments and challenges. He delved on service cuts and the paid parent scheme and Mr … Continue reading

Election Debates’ verdict: Brown wins second UK Leaders’ Debate

Election Debates’ seven-person panel declares Gordon Brown the winner of the second leaders’ debate in a split decision. Five  members of the panel gave the debate to Brown, while two judges gave the debate to Nick Clegg. No one gave the debate to David Cameron. Moreover, six of the judges thought that Cameron was the … Continue reading

Coaching the speakers: strategies for the second UK leaders’ debate

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz We learnt a lot from the first leaders’ debate: Gordon Brown is pretty good at avoiding discussions about the past. David Cameron either doesn’t like arguing or still doesn’t know why he should be PM. Nick Clegg likes to rise above it all. None of the speakers really want to debate, … Continue reading