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Election Debates’ verdict: Sturgeon wins ITV Leaders’ Debate

Nicola Sturgeon won Thursday’s seven-way Leaders’ Debate. The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) leader won the debate comfortably in the eyes of the Election Debates’ judging panel by engaging and challenging her opponents and by broadening her appeal beyond Scotland. Election Debates’ judge Colm Flynn said that Ms Sturgeon was “the strongest in the open discussions as she did not rely on scripted answers … Continue reading

Sturgeon wins ITV Leaders’ Debate: Mokhsein

Mai Mokhsein, Convenor of the 2015 World Universities Debating Championship, analyses the debate. Winner: Nicola Sturgeon  Second: Ed Milliband  Last: Nigel Farage  Nicola Sturgeon was the winner of the seven-way debate with the tight combo of Ed Miliband and David Cameron behind her. She was the most engaging, relevant and persuasive speaker in the pack due to her sustained … Continue reading

Can Miliband rise above the fray?

Follow Election Debates’ rolling coverage of Thursday’s ITV Leaders’ Debate here, and on Twitter @electiondebates Opinion by Andy Hume When Ed Miliband takes to the stage to debate David Cameron on Thursday night, he’ll have plenty of backup. Not just the five aides that each leader has been allowed to bring to the first televised debate proper … Continue reading

Cameron’s big chance

Follow Election Debates’ rolling coverage of Thursday’s ITV Leaders’ Debate here, and on Twitter @electiondebates Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The odds appear stacked against Prime Minister David Cameron for Thursday’s seven-way televised leaders’ debate. One incumbent versus six challengers sounds ugly. The likely dynamic will be five leaders falling over themselves to attack and goad the … Continue reading

Clash of style and substance looms in Vice Presidential Debate

Opinion by Andy Hume Vice-presidential debates typically don’t matter very much in the scheme of things, but Thursday’s match-up between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden is attracting an unusual amount of attention, and it is sure to be a fascinating clash of styles in a number of ways. Both candidates will be under significant pressure … Continue reading

Reflecting on the First Presidential Debate; Planning for the Second

Opinion by Colm Flynn Expectations going into the First Presidential Debate were very different for the two candidates. On one hand we had President Obama with a reputation of being an articulate, passionate, youthful speaker.  On the other Governor Romney who everyone expected to just be happy to avoid any serious mistakes. That’s not the way … Continue reading

Jocic: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Obama 73 | Romney 78 Judge: Wayne Jocic Reasons: Barack Obama lost this debate. At its best, his manner was calm and conversational, and a brief smile and a chuckle about timing were appealing. Yet his predominant human quality was weariness. This weariness left Obama struggling to defend his presidency. On economic matters, … Continue reading

Greenland: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Obama 79 | Romney 81 Judge: Sam Greenland Reasons: The debate featured a refreshing level of engagement between the two principals, who preferred responding directly to their opponent over spouting rehearsed talking points.  It suffered badly, though, from a failure of the moderator to maintain order or to keep to time, which both … Continue reading

Jarvis: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Obama 76 | Romney 78 Judge: Jason Jarvis Reasons: I give this debate to Mitt Romney because he was superior in manner (style) and matter (substance).  While I am not sure that this debate was a “game changer” for Mitt Romney, he certainly exceeded expectations and held his own on the substantive … Continue reading

Lising: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Obama 78 Romney 79 Judge: Ian Lising Reasons: Math, common sense and history Through the first exchange, Governor Romney seemed to take control by introducing direct clash in the round whereas President Obama was a bit vague and nonresponsive. This quickly changed when both candidates evaluated the Governor’s tax plan. In a way, the … Continue reading