third presidential debate

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Obama wins third presidential debate: Lising

Judge: Ian Lising Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 82 | McCain 81 Reasons: It should be mentioned that of all debates that have been held in this election cycle, this round had the most amount of direct clash and actual refutation taking place. Though some might think that Mr. Wurzelbacher, now forever immortalised as ‘Joe the … Continue reading

Obama wins third presidential debate: Rajendra

Judge: Sumithra Rajendra Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 86 | McCain 79 Reasons: Both candidates provided an extremely engaging and lively debate which didn’t leave room for yawns. However, Senator Obama was far more structured in his speech and his arguments were easier to follow as opposed to Senator McCain.  Obama was more apt at refocusing … Continue reading

McCain wins third presidential debate: D’Cruz

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: McCain Scores: McCain 83 | Obama 80 Reasons: Senator John McCain won the third presidential debate of the 2008 US election because he made the running while Obama was simply too passive. McCain scored the wins while making some mistakes along the way. Principally this was a tactical win. McCain was … Continue reading

Obama wins third presidential debate: Jarvis

Judge: Jason Jarvis Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 80 | McCain 73 Reasons: Obama wins this debate in a clear decision for two reasons.  First, his style was vastly superior to that of John McCain.  Second, he was more coherent in presenting detailed policy answers to the questions posed by the moderator.  This was the most … Continue reading