Third UK leaders’ debate

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Election Debates’ verdict: Clegg wins third UK leaders’ debate

Election Debates’ seven-member adjudication panel has give the third UK leaders’ debate to Nick Clegg in a split decision. Three judges gave the debate to Nick Clegg, two to David Cameron and two to Gordon Brown. There was less division about the loser – five judges had Brown last. View the debate here (courtesy of … Continue reading

Flynn: Clegg wins third UK leaders’ debate

Judge: Colm Flynn Winner: Nick Clegg Score: Clegg 75 | Cameron 74 | Brown 73 Overall a poor debate with a lack of real economic analysis from any speaker. Clegg wins because while he flopped on the banks his arguments on taxation fairness, openness about necessary cuts, realism on immigration and housing seemed more honest.  Cameron … Continue reading

Salahuddin: Clegg wins third UK leaders’ debate

Judge: Omar Salahuddin Winner: Nick Clegg Scores: Clegg 81 | Cameron 80 | Brown 77 Being the last debate in a series of three, it was important that the ‘degree of separation’ (distinction between policies on the same issues) was distinct and unequivocal. In this respect, I felt that the debate was much closer than hitherto and … Continue reading

Harvey-Smith: Cameron wins third UK leaders’ debate

Neill Harvey-Smith Winner: David Cameron Scores: Cameron 85 |Clegg 80 | Brown 77 David Cameron gave a brilliant performance in the final debate. He achieved three things simultaneously. He seemed Prime Ministerial – strong, positive and composed; he put Nick Clegg under real pressure over his policies on the Euro, immigration and VAT; he also … Continue reading

Hume: Cameron wins third UK leaders’ debate

Judge: Andy Hume Winner: David Cameron Scores: Cameron  79 | Clegg  77 | Brown 74 This was a debate characterised by a great deal of negativity and criticisms of other parties’ policies; when it came to defending and supporting their own arguments and plans, the leaders seemed less sure-footed. David Cameron put in his best … Continue reading