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Can Trump work the Town Hall format?

Ray D’Cruz After a poor performance in the First Presidential Debate the 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump has vowed to get more aggressive in the next debate. It’s a strange vow; passivity wasn’t the issue. Poor tactics and a lack of substance were more serious problems for him. It’s bigly strange when you consider how … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Pence wins VP debate

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: Mike Pence Republican Governor Mike Pence won tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate. His opponent, Senator Tim Kaine, was too negative and hectoring. He lost sight of the critical balance between positive and negative argumentation. While Governor Pence lacked detail throughout, and at times chose not to engage, he was calmer, clearer and … Continue reading

Llano: Kaine wins VP debate

Judge: Stephen Llano Winner: Tim Kaine Tim Kaine won this debate in spite of himself. Kaine saw tonight as a moment to make the case against Donald Trump instead of the case for Hillary Clinton. He was on his way to losing this debate. Mike Pence had a great chance to show the vision and … Continue reading