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D’Cruz: Pence wins VP debate

Judge: Ray D’Cruz Winner: Mike Pence Republican Governor Mike Pence won tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate. His opponent, Senator Tim Kaine, was too negative and hectoring. He lost sight of the critical balance between positive and negative argumentation. While Governor Pence lacked detail throughout, and at times chose not to engage, he was calmer, clearer and … Continue reading

Llano: Kaine wins VP debate

Judge: Stephen Llano Winner: Tim Kaine Tim Kaine won this debate in spite of himself. Kaine saw tonight as a moment to make the case against Donald Trump instead of the case for Hillary Clinton. He was on his way to losing this debate. Mike Pence had a great chance to show the vision and … Continue reading

Hume: Biden wins Vice Presidential Debate

Winner: Joe Biden Scores: Biden 82 | Ryan 76 Judge: Andy Hume Reasons: An immensely enjoyable debate which I scored as a clear win for Vice President Joe Biden, with some reservations. Biden had two major advantages in terms of his matter. First, his rebuttals were significantly stronger. Time and again he opened his responses … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Biden wins Vice Presidential Debate

Winner: Joe Biden Scores: Biden 80 | Ryan 75 Judge: Ray D’Cruz Reasons: Joe Biden won the vice presidential debate because Paul Ryan, when pressed on detail, struggled. Repeatedly, as individual arguments progressed, Ryan’s positions were brought undone. While ordinarily that would make it a big win for Biden, Ryan’s overall messages were more compelling … Continue reading