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Trump trashes First Presidential Debate

This was not a debate Ian Lising, Assistant Professor, Speech Communication, University of LaVerne Rene Magritte’s Treachery of Images challenged people with a meta message to see things from a new perspective. I just wish that the perspective that we all had for the Travesty of Words we were just tormented with tonight was the view from another room. … Continue reading

Election Debates’ verdict: Clinton wins Third Presidential Debate

“Lopsided” was how Election Debates’ judge  Ian Lising described the Third Presidential Debate. By any measure this was a comprehensive win for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and a very poor night for her Republican opponent Donald Trump. On the substance of the debate there were few issues where Mr Trump challenged Secretary Clinton. Time and time again, … Continue reading

Lising: Clinton wins Third Presidential Debates

Winner: Hillary Clinton Judge: Prof. Ian Lising Although this a lopsided win for Clinton, she missed several opportunities to put this one to rest completely. She took a defensive posture on the Second Amendment issue, rather than challenging Trump on what no restrictions would look like. And though she did utilize the Supreme Court segment … Continue reading

Election Debates’ verdict: Clinton wins Second Presidential Debate

Election Debates declares Hillary Clinton the winner of the Second Presidential Debate in a unanimous 5-0 decision. Secretary Clinton outlined a clear, consistent policy approach based on a vision that she regularly related to the question. Her opponent, Donald Trump went negative and stayed negative. While many of his attacks were effective and went unchallenged, … Continue reading

Jarvis: Clinton wins Second Presidential Debate

Winner: Hillary Clinton Judge: Jason Jarvis I think it is lilkely that many Trump supporters will claim that this was a win for Donald.  He certainly managed to prosecute a case against Clinton that was heavy on 90s scandal, hyperbole and bombast. However, Clinton wins the debate on my ballot for two reasons.  First, she … Continue reading

Election Debates’ verdict: Sturgeon wins ITV Leaders’ Debate

Nicola Sturgeon won Thursday’s seven-way Leaders’ Debate. The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) leader won the debate comfortably in the eyes of the Election Debates’ judging panel by engaging and challenging her opponents and by broadening her appeal beyond Scotland. Election Debates’ judge Colm Flynn said that Ms Sturgeon was “the strongest in the open discussions as she did not rely on scripted answers … Continue reading

Sturgeon wins ITV Leaders’ Debate: Bibby

Nick Bibby, author of Adjudication, analyses the debate. Winner: Nicola Sturgeon  Second: David Cameron Last: Nigel Farage The dynamics of this debate were different from what either the audience or some of the speakers were used to. That was a large factor in the decision with the ability to be persuasive on the basis of a … Continue reading