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Election Debates’ verdict: Clinton wins Third Presidential Debate

“Lopsided” was how Election Debates’ judge  Ian Lising described the Third Presidential Debate. By any measure this was a comprehensive win for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and a very poor night for her Republican opponent Donald Trump. On the substance of the debate there were few issues where Mr Trump challenged Secretary Clinton. Time and time again, … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Clinton wins Third Presidential Debate

Winner: Hillary Clinton Judge: Ray D’Cruz Hillary Clinton won the Third Presidential Debate, easily! Indeed this debate featured the ubiquitous moment that so many in the media speak about when covering presidential debates: a knockout blow. Donald Trump’s extraordinary statement, that he may not accept the result of the election, was that knockout blow. Secretary … Continue reading

Lising: Clinton wins Third Presidential Debates

Winner: Hillary Clinton Judge: Prof. Ian Lising Although this a lopsided win for Clinton, she missed several opportunities to put this one to rest completely. She took a defensive posture on the Second Amendment issue, rather than challenging Trump on what no restrictions would look like. And though she did utilize the Supreme Court segment … Continue reading

Jarvis: Clinton wins Third Presidential Debate

  Winner: Hillary Clinton Judge: Dr Jason Jarvis The format for the debate tonight really allowed the conversation to wander and shift.  Six major topics were decided by the moderator Chris Wallace.  After two minutes of time for each candidate there was ten minutes of time for open exchanges.  The Supreme Court question which started … Continue reading

Election Debates’ Verdict: Obama wins Third Presidential Debate

Election Debates has declared Barack Obama the winner of the Third Presidential Debate. [Watch the debate] Though the panel was split on the winner, all judges agreed it was a close debate – and for substantially the same reasons. The main reason for the tightness of this debate was a lack of real debate. From … Continue reading

Hume: Obama wins Third Presidential Debate

Winner: Barack Obama Scores: Obama 74 | Romney 73 Judge: Andy Hume Reasons: Barack Obama emerged as a narrow winner from the third and last Presidential debate, but the casual viewer may have been the loser after watching a pretty uninspiring 90 minutes that was long on rhetoric and consensus, short on genuine clash or … Continue reading

Berglund: Obama wins Third Presidential Debate

Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 75 | Romney 74 Judge: Fenja Berglund Reasons: I have reservations about seated debates, which can blur the boundaries of who has the floor as well as making it more difficult for speakers to hold a commanding presence.  Both speakers proved me wrong in this debate, with the format (and perhaps … Continue reading

D’Cruz: Obama wins Third Presidential Debate

Winner: Obama Scores: Obama 77 | Romney 75 Judge: Ray D’Cruz Reasons: President Obama won this debate because he was able to challenge Governor Romney’s changing positions on key issues. He undermined Romney’s strategy of neutralising as many difficult issues as possible, though his clumsy manner as he swung wildly at Romney early in the … Continue reading

Harvey-Smith: Romney wins Third Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Romney 77 | Obama 75 Judge: Neill Harvey-Smith Reasons: I score it a narrow win to Mitt Romney, whose superior manner and improving confidence edged a disappointing debate. This is a debate that Obama supporters will think Obama won and Romney supporters will feel that Romney won. Romney appeared to have … Continue reading