Televised Leaders’ Debates

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Clash of style and substance looms in Vice Presidential Debate

Opinion by Andy Hume Vice-presidential debates typically don’t matter very much in the scheme of things, but Thursday’s match-up between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden is attracting an unusual amount of attention, and it is sure to be a fascinating clash of styles in a number of ways. Both candidates will be under significant pressure … Continue reading

Reflecting on the First Presidential Debate; Planning for the Second

Opinion by Colm Flynn Expectations going into the First Presidential Debate were very different for the two candidates. On one hand we had President Obama with a reputation of being an articulate, passionate, youthful speaker.  On the other Governor Romney who everyone expected to just be happy to avoid any serious mistakes. That’s not the way … Continue reading

Election Debates’ Verdict: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

The Election Debates’ panel has declared Mitt Romney the winner of the First Presidential Debate. The panel was split 5-1 in favour of the Republican challenger. Both speakers provided a clear contrast in the first of their three debates: Romney punchy, Obama meandering; Romney aggressive, Obama passive; Romney confident, Obama ponderous. In the end it … Continue reading

Jocic: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Obama 73 | Romney 78 Judge: Wayne Jocic Reasons: Barack Obama lost this debate. At its best, his manner was calm and conversational, and a brief smile and a chuckle about timing were appealing. Yet his predominant human quality was weariness. This weariness left Obama struggling to defend his presidency. On economic matters, … Continue reading

Greenland: Romney wins First Presidential Debate

Winner: Mitt Romney Scores: Obama 79 | Romney 81 Judge: Sam Greenland Reasons: The debate featured a refreshing level of engagement between the two principals, who preferred responding directly to their opponent over spouting rehearsed talking points.  It suffered badly, though, from a failure of the moderator to maintain order or to keep to time, which both … Continue reading

Advising Obama: what the President needs to do to win the debates

In the first of two opinion pieces, Andy Hume, debate coach and former world debating champion, provides advice to the candidates on what they need to do to win the upcoming US presidential debates. First up, it’s President Obama. Mr. President, In 2008, you were generally felt to have had the better of your election … Continue reading

Republican debates fail to find the real issues

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The Republican primary debates have been a disappointment to any serious observer. With a few exceptions, they have consistently failed to debate the issues that might allow an intellectually curious  Republican voter to discern the best challenger for President Barack Obama. How is this possible? There have been 15 debates since … Continue reading

Brown, Cameron & Clegg: expectations and goals for the televised debates

Opinion by Andy Hume One of the strengths of the coverage at Election Debates is that these debates will be adjudicated by experienced judges from other countries, not just the UK, with few if any preconceived opinions of the men they are listening to. The domestic media narrative, by contrast, will be shaped to a … Continue reading

Memo Britain: Be Yourself

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz The Guardian reports some concerning news about the upcoming UK leaders’ debates: Britain’s first televised debates between party leaders are in danger of being “negotiated to death”, according to senior party sources. One senior figure close to the talks said there was a danger that all spontaneity was being drained out … Continue reading

Who should ask the questions in the UK leaders’ debates?

Opinion by Ray D’Cruz One question being addressed by some political commentators in Britain is just who should be asking the questions in the three leaders’ debates.  There are four potential questioners, so far as I can see: The candidates The public The moderator  A panel of journalists Candidates In the UK debates, candidates should … Continue reading